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Companies that collaborate on Master thesis projects | Match My Thesis

Companies & Projects

Master Thesis projects done at Match My Thesis  Projects: 206

Students searching for Master thesis project  Students: 7990

Number of countries where Match My Thesis operate  Countries: 4

How it works?

Find a project you would like to collaborate with a company for your Masters' or Bachelors' thesis and apply with 150 words proposal sharing your initial ideas how you are going to solve their problem with your research.

Our recruiters will have a phone call with you to give more information about the project, available data and expectations from a company side. We would then schedule a meeting with a company directly.

If you are selected after the meeting you will start working on the project with a company at their office. During the project we will follow up with you and the company on a monthly basis to ensure you have all the required data to succeed.