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Business model development for new product in financial infrastructure company

VP Securities

Company description

VP SECURITIES (VP) offers its customers solutions and expertise in the field of securities and investor administration. We have developed internationally recognised securities handling systems and contribute to a stable, safe and well-functioning financial market. VP is the central securities depository (CSD) in Denmark and is approved and licensed as such by the Danish FSA (Finanstilsynet). As a financial infrastructure company, we form an integral part of the financial sector in Denmark.

Project description

VP Securities recognises a commercialisation opportunity in continuously collected customer data. We aim to understand whether customer value can be added from applying and showcasing selected customer data.
Therefore, we want you to assess the commercialisation opportunities. What are the potential value added services and how could an appropriate Business Model look like?

To investigate commercialisation opportunities, we would like to conduct the analysis in the following steps:
• Analyse literature, case examples and best practices from other companies with Big Data driven Business Models and/or products;
• Conduct a research with alongside VP’s Client & Relations as well as VP’s Product & •Markets team, to understand where data could provide value-added services, e.g. from;
  •  Traditional transactional data
  •  Key performance indicators as outlined by regulatory requirements
  •  Enriched data, i.e. VP data in context with third-party data
  •  Big data
• Combine all analyses conducted above and develop the most suitable Business Model to capitalise on data.

Analysis should result in creating a business model for product concept for aggregated data.

Student description

For this project, we are looking for open minded, extroverted and product-oriented master students. Students who are pursuing degree in Business Development, Management, Innovation, Entrepreneurship with a focus on Business models is a priority. Experience in financial sector is a plus, but not necessity. Proficiency in danish language is also a plus.

Travelling expenses might be reimbursed if there is a sufficient distance to travel from University to the Office in Copenhagen (Weidekampsgade, 14). Job contract might be considered after successful collaboration.

Business model development for new product in financial infrastructure company | Match My Thesis
Dec 15, 2018


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