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Unveiling trends and work benefits in the truck industry to create a new recruitment strategy

MAN Truck & Bus Danmark

Company description

MAN Truck & Bus (MTB) brand is known worldwide for efficiency, innovation and customer service. The key to success is our customers' trust, created through the first-class MAN products. 100 years of trucks and buses from MAN is proof that: Efficiency is more than just a corporate brand for us.

MAN offers flexible solutions that always meet the customers' wishes. Our high-quality truck series include vehicles for long-distance journeys work on building sites and distribution.

In Denmark, MAN Truck & Bus runs 6 workshops and 15 service partners. Our workshops are a large part of our core business. Therefore, we have a strong focus on developing our human resource strategy in line with these events.

Project description

At MAN Truck & Bus Danmark A/S we face the issue of meeting an increasing demand for experienced vehicles mechanics. After 20 years of experience operating these workshops, we have noticed that the demand for mechanics is growing. However, the skilled labour force is falling. This has led us to understand that we need to start looking for new and innovative ways on how to retain current mechanics in the field, whilst attracting new people into the industry.

Currently, we do not have a commonly established HR strategy across our 6 workshops and 15 service partners - local workshop managers are solely responsible for finding and retaining the right mechanics. Therefore, we want to understand what it takes to stay the most attractive employer in the industry and have a clear understanding of motivational factors for our current employees to work as mechanics and be able to implement this in our recruitment strategies.

As part of this project, we would like you to:

• Understand and investigate our current internal culture, employee benefits and motivational factors to attract and retain mechanics at MTB Denmark.
• Investigate competitors in the industry regarding internal working culture and key motivational factors of their mechanics.
• Use findings from other industries that may imply or be inspirational to MTB.
• Based on mixed research methods (one-2-one/focus-group interviews & quantitative questionnaire/survey) present the main mechanics’ needs and align findings with recruitment strategy internally.

The research must vary in terms of different factors like a mechanics age & seniority. Furthermore, the findings should support the overall HR strategy. In addition, research should have an in-depth focus on internal culture and existing benefits for mechanics.

To support you with this project, you will have access to our competitors’ and our own mechanics for interviews including questionnaire/survey.  We can also provide you with access to data on the employment terms of our mechanics.

At the end of the collaboration, we expect to receive a report summarising your main findings during the aforementioned interviews, as well as a managerial recommendation including a presentation to our management team on how your proposed strategy can be implemented.

Student description

For this collaboration, we are looking for a motivated Business, Human Resource Management, Anthropology or similar background student/group of students. We expect you to be proactive, experienced with qualitative research and have an interest in strategic human resource management.

As a person, you should be analytical with a strategic mindset, but also have a practical approach when it comes to the implementation of strategies. You have to be fluent in Danish. If there are two or more people on the project, at least one has to be able to speak Danish, because interviews must be conducted in Danish.

Unveiling trends and work benefits in the truck industry to create a new recruitment strategy | Match My Thesis
Oct 05, 2019



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