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Organisational Capabilities development for Future Supply Chain in the Danish Ministry of Defence

Ministry of Defence

Company description

The Danish Ministry of Defence (ministerial department) deals with a wide range of functions and assignments - from serving the Danish Minister of Defence to the overall management of our agencies. 

The Department has two main functions: 
We serve the minister of defence and establish the basis for the minister to create a visionary Danish policy in the field of defence, security and emergency management. The ministry’s functions are therefore of a distinctively political nature.

We head and supervise the combination of the Ministry of Defence. We ensure the execution of the policy of the minister of defence. We also supervise responsible planning of the economy and activities in the agencies within the politically stipulated framework.

To ensure optimal performance, the Department is organised into different units with each their areas of responsibility. The combination of civilian and military employees contributes to a generally positive dynamic and boosts the opportunity for professional interaction. 

Project description

The matter of defence is subject to continuous change. It is essential to keep organisation agile capable of adapting to new frameworks while keeping the old mechanisms functioning properly. Agility is especially of great importance for supply chain since the whole organisation rely on this function for smooth operations across the board.

At the Ministry of Defence (MoD group), we want to be prepared for future demands in the supply chain by ensuring right organisational capabilities in house. We are keen on investigating and identifying the demanded skills, qualifications and training that are going to be required in the near future.

Therefore we would like you to:
  • Analyse supply chain department and identify current organisational capabilities - skills, experiences and training.
  • Together with “Future logistics practises in the Danish Ministry of Defence” project understand what are the future supply chain practices and based on findings define the organisational capabilities that are going to be necessary to accommodate practices.
  • Outline the gaps between current and future organisational capabilities and suggest the best strategy to bridge it in terms of employee training and recruitment.
To help you answer these questions you will have a mentor who will supply the necessary information to conduct analysis. Our expected outcome to the project is a recommendation in the form of report providing and presentation suggesting future logistician profiles and changes within a current workforce.

Student description

Master Thesis students within Human Resource Management, Organizations Management, Anthropology and similar studies from leading universities in Denmark. The ideal candidate should have previous experience in supply chain management as well combined with previous experience in the public sector, preferably from Federal Defence. Danish language is a must.

Organisational Capabilities development for Future Supply Chain in the Danish Ministry of Defence | Match My Thesis
Oct 10, 2019


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