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Communication strategy for effective knowledge sharing and management

TopCall ApS

Company description

Since TopCall was founded in 2010, teleservice (any service handled via voicemail, phone) has been the company's mainstay. We started by offering uncomplicated telephone matching (calendar access and booking, taking calls you cannot answer or external reception) to a small customer group, and as we grew, we got more customers who wanted to make more use of our telephone service. Today, we also solve a number of customer service tasks, such as answering questions about products, accepting orders and processing complaints. At the same time, our telephone matching has in many cases become more complex. That is, either by asking us to determine information when we receive a notification, or by changing, looking up or booking times in our customers' calendars.

Even though we currently cater for live chat for a number of customers, our teleservice still accounts for the vast majority of our business.

Project description

Currently, we are facing rapid growth in demand for our services. However, increasing number of customers and increasing pallet of different teleservices that we provide to customers made a challenge for us to navigate through complex information and communicate in the most optimal way.

For example: when we get a call with a request to find a person in our customers’ company that could answer a specific question, then we need to find out who might be the best one to speak. That might not be a big challenge, but our CRM only contains contact details and positions, but not an area of expertise in which a person is competent in answering a question. As a result, it might take a while before finding the right person to speak. it is neither a good service quality nor an optimal usage of our agents time. We thus want to see how to shorten the gap between the knowledge that we currently have, knowledge that we should have and how to communicate in the most optimal way to improve service quality.

Forwarding services described above is just a single example of services that we provide. We do provide though multiple services: Product information inquiries, accepting orders, processing complaints to name just a few. As you could probably imagine, without a proper knowledge management system and standardized communication strategy in place for each service, our business operations could become very disorganized at times. Therefore, we would like you to:
  • Select top 5 services where we underperform the most in terms of Perceived Service Quality (PSQ) of a caller and Inquiry Handling Time (IHT);
  • For the selected services make a gap analysis based on our data (emails,calls) to understand what knowledge we should have in order to effectively answer an inquiry and what knowledge we have at the moment. Build a knowledge management framework to be used as a standard when onboarding a new customer and collecting information. Rather than taking information-abundance approach, framework should take shortest-time-to-goal approach and aim to significantly reduce IHT.
  • Make a communication strategy with decision trees and scripts for selected services with a goal of improving PSQ.
  • By collaborating with our agents, collect additional information from our customers according to your knowledge management framework requirements and onboard agents on the new and standardised communication strategy and script. Test how well agents are performing by measuring (hopefully improved) IHT and PSQ..
This project has a top priority in our company, so to proceed with this project successfully, we will provide access to our employees and calls’ data. Therefore, we will request the non-disclosure agreement (NDA) to be signed.

Student description

For this project, we are primarily looking for a talented Bachelor/Master Thesis student/group, pursuing relevant education in Communication, Business Administration, Service (System) Design, Service Management or similar. We are also open for collaborating with groups interested in writing course/semester projects.

Sharp eye, analytical mindset and Danish language are necessary for succeeding with this case. Any previous experience working with Communication strategy, knowledge management, service quality improvements, process mapping/optimization, flowchart/data analysis or within teleservice is a strong advantage. We also expect that the candidates would be self-driven and able to take a proactive approach.

For this project, you will collaborate closely with company CEO as well as you will have access to other employees and customer data. Besides, we are ready to offer student-assistance position and/or opportunity to visit our other office in Malaga, Spain.

Each application is being reviewed on an on-going basis and the case will be closed once the right match is found, regardless of application deadline. Therefore we encourage interested students to apply ASAP via the online form below or contact Jurgita at js@matchmythesis.dk if you have any questions.

Communication strategy for effective knowledge sharing and management | Match My Thesis
Dec 02, 2019
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