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Valuation model for technology intensive companies


Company description

Welltec A/S is an international provider of robotic well solutions for the oil and gas industry, providing services from the drilling & evaluation phase to the completion and production phases of our client companies. Our technologies are applicable in vertical, horizontal, deviated and technologically advanced wells.The company's flagship is the “Well Tractor”, a remote-controlled device that is able to convey other intervention tools and perform operations on wireline.

The company was founded in 1994 by Jørgen Hallundbæk who came up with the idea of Well Tractor while being a graduate student at DTU. Since then Welltech as developed and produced a number of tools with different areas of operation and today has more than 45 offices and service facilities worldwide including Headquarters located in Allerød, Denmark.

Project description

We want student(s) to identify the right framework of valuation models for our internal use. Currently, valuations are centered around yearly impairment tests of goodwill/invested capital, business cases for technological development projects and valuation of external investment opportunities (M&A).

We would like the following points to be assessed:
• Analyze literature about valuation models applicable to technology- intensive Companies;
• Analyze Welltec’s current investments in new technological developments focusing on financial part;
• Prepare a business case for new technological investments;
• Determine valuation models in use at other Companies similar to Welltec (competitor analysis);
• Compare Welltecs' valuation methodology within an industry;
• Define possible valuation framework for internal use on a continuous basis.

Our expected deliverable is a report evaluating our current status with regard to the use of valuation models and how we could improve it. Also, we would like to receive a running model for technological valuation based on business case analysis. The results should be presented in a form of presentation to our key stakeholders.

Student description

We are looking for a talented student / group of students pursuing relevant education in Finance, Accounting or other relevant Business studies. You should have an understanding of financial reporting, ratios, statements and the conceptualization of new ideas and models.

The potential candidates should be skilled in MS Excel, financial modelling and have solid presentation skills. We will provide access to financial reports, to our Finance team and other relevant personnel.

The applications will be reviewed on an ongoing basis and we will close it once the right candidate is found.

Valuation model for technology intensive companies | Match My Thesis
Oct 30, 2019


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