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AI based predictive analytics algorithm development for HRM system


Company description

Visma offers software and services that simplify and digitise core business processes in the private and public sector. The Visma group operates across the entire Nordic region along with Benelux, Central and Eastern Europe. With over 9,500 employees, 1,000,000 customer contracts and net revenue of €1.2 billion in 2018, Visma is one of Europe’s leading software companies. 
Visma Enterprise Denmark
Visma Enterprise Denmark is located at Ballerup and is the leading supplier of payroll and HR systems for midsize businesses to large enterprises in Denmark. AI based predictive analytics algorithm development for HRM system
More than 200 dedicated employees deliver and support Visma Løn, Visma HR, Visma.net Expense, Visma EasyCruit, and Visma Talent Management Cloud.
Approx. 1.500 companies handle the HR & payroll in Visma Enterprise solutions - serving more than 250.000 employees.

Our strategy is to help our customers to make better decisions based on existing HRM data.

Project description

We face a big demand from our customers to get access and insights about their data. Among other things, our clients are interested to know whether or not it is possible to predict their employees’ absence, extra working hours, vacations, etc.

Until now, our extensive database was used primarily for payroll and we have not experimented with advanced reporting or AI. The market trend is clearly moving towards the need to make data-driven decisions so we want to start playing with our huge data sets and prototyping AI algorithms. 

We would like you to:
  • Analyse data to identify which data is suitable for AI development and what insights could be realised
  • Select a single area and prototype AI based predictive analytics algorithm
  • Recommend what database structure we should use in our data warehouses to utilize the full potential of AI
You will be working together with 2 developers and 1 data architect who will work beside you on ETL, data cleansing and data warehousing tasks and assist you if needed on getting required data. You will also have access to a Business Analytics and our HRM databases
Our expected outcome of the project is a better understanding of the information that is hiding in our data, see the potential of AI and get insights on how to be better prepared for working with AI in the future.  

Student description

 We are looking for a thesis student in computer science (KU/DTU/ITU),  with an understanding of mathematical modelling, an interest in big data and data in general.

  We expect you to have great mathematical logical skills, and that you are able to grasp and analyse large data models.

  Knowledge of Machine Learning is a bonus, but not required. Communication skills in English are required, Danish skills are recommended. 

Working with us gives you a platform for your professional and personal development as well as a work environment in a dynamic company in rapid growth. 

AI based predictive analytics algorithm development for HRM system | Match My Thesis
Oct 30, 2019




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