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Applying Artificial Intelligence in Telecommunication Industry at Telia Denmark


Company description

Telia Danmark is a part of the global telecom group, Telia Company, and has been marking the Danish telecommunications market since 1995.

Telia Company is the fifth largest telecom operator in Europe with more than 20,000 skilled employees and over 23 million. customers. We are Northern Europe's largest telecommunications company with a strong focus on being the strongest in the Baltic Sea region, defined as Denmark, Norway, Sweden, Finland and the three Baltic countries.

Telia Denmark serves BtB as well as BtC markets. Every year, we invest in both mobile and fixed infrastructures as well as new digital communication technologies for the benefit of our customers and society as a whole. Telia was among others the first to build and offer 4G networks.

Project description

At Telia we believe that if we are not in front of technological development then it means we are lagging behind. Many telecommunication technological advances in Denmark that we currently take for granted such as 4G, IoT connectivity and others were started by us. We feel that the new emerging technology – Artificial Intelligence will also be transformational for many businesses including ours. To prepare and start the first steps towards the future we want you to evaluate possibilities.

• Analyse literature, AI trends and case examples from other companies how AI is being used for operational or commercial purpose as a competitive advantage.
• Analyse Telia Denmark organisation and our enterprise solutions to map out possible AI use cases with associated Costs, Risk, Time.
• Select top 3 most promising AI use cases at Telia and justify for undertaking on the basis of its expected commercial benefit and other important factors for consideration.

Possible AI applications could be under commercial / human interaction level (e.g. Additional enterprise product capabilities), Technological level (AI substitute for current legacy technology) or Organisational level (AI based technologies to improve operations).

Student description

For this project we seek for talented group of Master Thesis students (or a single student) pursuing relevant education in business management, innovation, entrepreneurship or alike. Understanding working principles of AI or AI based technologies is also essential for the project. Coding skills are NOT required.

It is important that you would be self-driven and autonomous person with proactive approach.

We will support you with a contact person to guide you in the organisation and get relevant access to the internal resources if need be. You will also get an office space in our HQ to come and work from.

Please send us your 150 words application via online form below attaching your and your partners CVs. Applications are being screened on an ongoing basis and case may be closed before the deadline if good candidates are found. For any questions or more information please contact info@matchmythesis.com

Applying Artificial Intelligence in Telecommunication Industry at Telia Denmark | Match My Thesis
Nov 30, 2018


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