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Analysis of cloud-based technology adoption at large Danish enterprises

VisionWillow A/S

Company description

VisionWillow A/S is a Copenhagen based IT consulting company helping large enterprises with implementation and integration of their IT solutions. We apply deep competences in areas like:

• People Change Management (PCM)
• IT Service Management (ITSM)
• Service Integration and Management (SIAM)
• Knowledge-Centered Service (KCS)

Our roots as a business stretch as far back as 1996, when we started Syscom A/S Denmark, which is a part of the Norwegian Syscom group. VisionWillow is the result of a management buyout, in which a number of Danish partners, who were together in Syscom A/S Denmark for more than 10 years, took over management of the business to create better opportunities for our current and future customers.

Today we work with clients like SKAT, Danfoss, DSV, BEC, Oticon and other well known Danish and international companies to whom we help:

• Identify and formulate the underlying goals and concrete benefits they seek from an IT implementation
• Formulate a clear, communicable plan for the necessary actions and initiatives
• Root the coming solution and the underlying goals/wishes so firmly in the organisation that it can grow and support their business
• Acquire and implement the actual system solution

Project description

As digitization and technological innovation drives the current business environment, businesses must invest heavily in digital strategies and initiatives in order to stay relevance and competitive. The demand for Cloud based technologies, data consolidation and system integrations for end-to-end processes are top strategic priorities. However, many companies struggle with the transition of integration Cloud and traditional on-premise. This struggle is even greater in larger enterprises due to multivendor collaboration, nearshoring, outsourcing, legacy infrastructure, architectural complexity, security/access management aspects and demand for control and compliance.

The aim of this project is to develop deeper understanding of the enabling and inhibiting factors found in enterprises who want to or currently are integrating on-premise and cloud applications and data. Questions and areas to be investigated:

• Why do large enterprises struggle with adopting cloud technologies into legacy infrastructure?
• How can large enterprises enable the integration between on-premise and Cloud (applications as well as data) as well as across companies in a multivendor setup.
• General market trends and insights

The analysis should ideally be based on:

• An academic, theoretical foundation as well as practical consequences of the challenge
• Quantitative market analysis within the large enterprise segment (currently 139 enterprises listed with more than 1.000 employees (can be a literature review of industry publications or surveys)
• Qualitative research at one or more enterprises with more than 1.000 employees

At the end of this project we would like to receive a report and presentation about our target customers’ main drivers and barriers for moving into cloud services as well as your managerial recommendations how could we as an organization help our customers to reach their cloud-based strategic goals.

Student description

For this project we look for talented Master Thesis student or a group of two pursuing relevant Business or Business IT education. We expect you to be capable of working independently, being proactive and have knowledge about IT systems and business processes at large enterprises.

To support you with this project, you will have an access to our customers and consultants. You will also have an opportunity to work directly with our CEO who will help you with project scoping and its direction. Student(s) will also have an access to our office space in Søborg.

The applications will be reviewed on an ongoing basis and we will close once the right candidate is found. For any questions, contact Kris at saikus@matchmythesis.com or +45 50280069

Analysis of cloud-based technology adoption at large Danish enterprises  | Match My Thesis
Jun 15, 2019



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