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Developing Internal Business processes using AI For Telenor Denmark


Company description

Telenor is one of the largest telecommunications companies in the Nordic region with headquarters in Fornebu, Norway. Telenor owns networks in 13 countries and helps 208 million customers to communicate globally. In Denmark we own brands like Telenor Denmark, CBB Mobile and Canal Digital. We are approx. 2,000 employees working every day making communication easier for our customers and improving Danish telecommunications infrastructure.

Project description

At our AI & Robotics center of excellence of Telenor, we have recently developed an advanced machine learning solution that has potential to automate some of the simple tasks. It is a natural language processing (NLP) algorithm that reads the text, analyzes content and classifies it. We have built a proof-of-concept using this NLP algorithm for our customer service center.

Primary function for the application was to read email inquiry to service center, analyze the content and suggest an answer. We have reached 80% accuracy rate, which significantly improved efficiency of service center work. We are confident that Finance, HR and other departments at Telenor could also be improved using our developed NLP algorithm. However, the following applications are not clear yet. Therefore we would like you to:

• Look into our data flows inside the organization and map business processes around them.
• Set KPIs to evaluate the quality of data and select areas with high volume of transactions inside Telenor (for example, receiving and sending bills)
• Conceptualize process automation opportunities using NLP and prioritize them according to data quality/maturity, application simplicity, potential gains in efficiency and other important factors.

The ideal outcome of this project collaboration is to find best process automation opportunities using our NLP algorithm based on data maturity inside the organization. However, we see project scope and even objectives as iterative process, which will change during the course of the project, as new information will be discovered on the way.

Student description

We are looking for motivated business IT master thesis student (or a group of 2) who finds it exciting to work in areas like robotics, machine learning or big data. You should have a good understanding of business processes in organization and data quality required for machine learning applications. Knowledge of Python or other relevant programming language could be an advantage but is not a must at this project. While working on this project you will have an opportunity to be at one of our Business Process Automation & Excellence departments in Aalborg or Copenhagen.

To support you at this project you will also have an access to our internal Data Lake and possibility to interview relevant employees/managers at Telenor. The Head of AI & Robotics will be your main internal supervisor assisting you throughout this project.

Developing Internal Business processes using AI For Telenor Denmark | Match My Thesis
Dec 15, 2018


Business Process Automation

Machine Learning


Natural Language Processing