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Developing new warehousing and inventory management model for pharmaceutical products

AJ Vaccines

Company description

AJ Vaccines is a Danish medium sized pharmaceutical company which produces and sell top quality vaccines and other pharmaceutical products around the world. The vaccine manufacturing started as early as 1902 when a serum against Diphteria was produced in our Copenhagen site. Today AJ Vaccines employs app. 570 employees and produces vaccines against Diptheria, Whooping Cough, Tetanus, Tuberculosis and Polio.

We have ambitious growth plans to employ more people and increase the production of vaccines within the following years. Our vision is to become a key player within improving global health and reducing diseases country for country, child for child. To reach that vision we constantly strive to perfect our production and working environment as well as to engage into partnerships and collaborations with different businesses.

Project description

With our fast growth, AJ Vaccines is facing a ramp up of almost all products. However, our warehouses will soon reach full capacity and expansion possibilities at our current Copenhagen site are limited. In addition, some of the local storage points are in need of maintenance.

To handle increased flow of goods and strategic safety stocks AJ Vaccines has initiated collaboration with DSV. Although, DSV has the capacity to handle our requests, they come with a mark-up price.

At the moment there is no clear warehousing strategy that would ensure the most optimal usage of the storage capacity on site and movement of goods inside and between partners i.e. DSV.

We would expect you to:
• Map out a flow of materials (raw materials, semi-finished and finished goods) together with specifications for storage (e.g. ambient, cold storage, safety needs).
• Map out our storage facilities in terms of location, capacity, storage type (i.e. ambient, cold storage), condition and any other additional features.
• Develop comprehensive warehousing strategy that would fully utilise current storage capabilities and suggest optimal usage of DSV services. Strategy should also encompass considerations for future production increase and suggest scenarios for storage.

A t the end we expect to get a model to predict future storage demand based on expected production planning inputs.

Student description

For this project we seek for talented Master Thesis student or a group of 2, pursuing relevant education in Supply Chain, Operations, Engineering Management or similar Business / Engineering studies.

We would like you to have structural and analytical mind as well as some knowledge and experience in LEAN, operation, inventory management or data management. We expect you to be, proactive, capable of working independently and strive for continuous improvement.

The project is expected to be carried out at our site in Copenhagen where you will have support and access to all required data and contacts from relevant stakeholders. The Supply Chain Director will be your main contact person at AJ Vaccines who will also help you find the right scope and set assumptions necessary to frame the project to meet your academic requirements.

The applications will be reviewed on an ongoing basis and we will close once the right candidate is found.

Developing new warehousing and inventory management model for pharmaceutical products | Match My Thesis
Nov 30, 2018






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