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Our story

Writing a thesis, for most, proves to be the most challenging and headache inducing experience as thus far in their lives. It is rather disappointing once realized that the hard work and endless trunks of money invested on Red Bull is only eventually to be used to get some sort of a grade. Why not make it more meaningful? This epiphany visited a duo of two Kris'es - Kristijonas and Kristupas. Ambitious, entrepreneurial-minded and enthusiastic the duo decided to try transforming the encavement like process into something that is more fulfilling, enriching and value creating. And thus Match My Thesis was born! Tagging along five multicultural and diversely skilled entrepreneurs the team is working towards a better tomorrow for both students and businesses.

Our mission & Our vision

Our mission is to revolutionize the thesis writing processes into a more memorable and personally rewarding experience. We believe that by bringing together business and academia mutual fulfillment and value can be achieved.

Our vision is to become the leading platform for student-to-business collaboration, opening up new possibilities for both students to gain invaluable experience as well as corporations to identify and capture their talents of tomorrow.

Contact us

Nørre Allé 41, 2200 Copenhagen N, Denmark
Tel.: +45 50209225
E-mail: info@matchmythesis.com