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Create Your Company with Your Thesis- New Product Introduction Strategy

M system

Project description

Company description

Msystem a/s is a consulting firm focused on environmental management. Based on our more than ten years of experience we have developed tools and systematic ways to record evaluate and improve business environment and working conditions by reducing the use of chemicals production of waste and emissions of CO2.

As a consulting company we use many off the shelves gadgets and tools to help us out in conducting our services. However despite the huge interest from companies some of the tools are not yet developed and sold on the market. One such example is the industrial power consumption meter.  

Most people know about the consumer product called "Spar-o-meter which has been on the market for several years. The "Spar-o-meter" is installed with a standard Schuko plug and reads out the power consumption in kWh for basic domestic appliances with a load up to 4 kWh. However there is no similar power consumption meter for industrial use. In this sector power consumption is considerably higher and in order to accommodate the higher power load the plug configurations are very different.

It is difficult for professional energy mappers to measure the energy consumption for heavier equipment. Often the consumption is based on an educated guess when energy reports for small- and medium sized companies are prepared.

We see great potential in the industrial consumption meter and that is why we want you to do a market research and develop a strategy how to best commercialize the product.

Problem statement

We made an extensive desktop research in order to buy industrial power consumption meter for our own work. However we were unable to find anything on the market. From our point of view we see many applications and different segments that would be highly motivated to buy such product. 

Now we want to find out if there is an actual need for industrial power consumption meter in the market and if there is then how to best commercialize it. Your task will be to conduct a market research and come up with new product introduction plan:

  • Estimate the size of the potential market
  • Identify the best segment to position in the market
  • Develop a new product introduction strategy 


You will be working in close collaboration with an engineering student who will be developing a the professional energy meter as a part of his thesis. After finishing thesis both business and engineering students will be strongly encouraged to open up a company together if market research will show good business opportunities.

Selection process is on-going; If candidate is found prior the deadline the case will be closed.

Create Your Company with Your Thesis- New Product Introduction Strategy | Match My Thesis
Oct 14, 2015



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