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Switching from Manual to Automatic Billing Systems


Project description


Nianet provides professional fiber data network to all types of companies. We are specialists in cloud services IT-operations and co-location.  Together with our owners 14 Danish power utility companies we represent the largest and fastest-growing fiber network in Denmark.  We are nationwide and have nearly 100000 km of fiber at our disposal.

We were there from the beginning when we started to dig fiber network into the ground to secure the future of digital infrastructure and since then we are the pioneers of the cutting-edge technologies in the field. Our network is grounded on the latest Cisco-based MPLS network anywhere in Denmark that support QoS in four levels. 

Today we are the countrys fastest growing fiber network we own and operate five high-security and modern data centers and last but not least we have some of the best specialists in cloud-based solutions such as backup disaster recovery firewall and virtual data centers.


Billing systems have for long been a challenge in the telecommunications industry due to their complexity and proneness to errors. As we grow larger and as the demand for our services is increasing we have identified the need to go from more manual systems to more automatized processes.

We care about our customers and we commit to serving their needs by tailoring solutions to individual requests making it especially difficult for our system to handle each bill. Instead of standardizing contracts and compromising our service quality that we are known for in the market we want to invest into our technology and advance our capabilities. That is why we want your fresh entrepreneurial mind-set to help us find the best solution for our dilemma.

Some of the steps you might take to approach this:

• Analysing our current billing systems and the way we work with them.

• Investigating other telecommunication companies and their systems

• Making an overview of off-the-shelf solutions in the market

At the end you will gain a lot of highly useful knowledge in billing systems and we expect you to provide us with suggestions and steps to be taken to solve our challenges. If collaboration is successful further system development and will be considered. We offer you a paid internship and posibility to make a real change in the company that values technology and development.


Application is on an ongoing basis. Once the candidate is found the ad will be turned off.

Switching from Manual to Automatic Billing Systems | Match My Thesis
Aug 31, 2015


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