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International commercialization plan for award winning technology with 2000Dkk monthly supplement


Project description

Company description

BioModics is based on a spinout in 2009 from the large Danish company called NKT. The history of NKT dates back to 1891 and today NKT is a modern industrial conglomerate with businesses specializing in professional cleaning equipment power cables and high-tech photonic products. NKT is also listed on the NASDAQ OMX Copenhagen stock exchange. 

BioModics is an independent service and technology provider to the life science industry. Our vision is to be the leading innovator within diagnostics and health care devices. We maintain an entrepreneurial spirit to optimize the development process and keep our customers in focus.  

The current focus is on a revolutionary technology that for the first time allows true impregnation of polymers such as silicone rubber. This creates new opportunities for devices in contact with the human body. We can impregnate highly advanced life supporting medical devices as well as sensors with our materials and put it in the body without the threat of adverse reactions. Until now all similar products are proven to be inefficient due to the devices being too invasive too expensive or becoming inactive. Our technology has repeatedly been recognized and awarded by different experts and very recently we got remarked as the most innovative company in Europe.


BioModics owns a technology which has numerous medical applications. The bulk of different applications has been identified by BioModics however our time resources have not provided us with the ability to make a strategic action plan. 

The goal is to:

  • Get an overview of the possible applications
  • Evaluate and rank applications according to their commercial potential

Develop a commercialization strategy for the most promising application


You have a high degree of independence and know how to build a solid business case. We expect you to be open minded and ready to work on site in an innovative environment linked to several established businesses. 

Our team has built and sold a number of successful biotech companies in the past and we are ready to share our experience as well as give you full support during your research process. BioModics will also provide you with 2000Dkk/month to supplement SU and support transport costs. 


Number of applications: 7

International commercialization plan for award winning technology with 2000Dkk monthly supplement | Match My Thesis
Mar 31, 2016