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Develop a go-to-market strategy for Ultrapure Water UPW


Project description


Aquaporin is a Danish cleantech company dedicated to revolutionising water purification by means of industrial biotech techniques and thinking. Our goal is to develop the Aquaporin Inside™ technology capable of separating and purifying water from all other compounds. 

Aquaporin Inside™ technology were tested and proven by NASA to show superior rejection values to urea when compared to existing Forward Osmosis membranes. As a result our revolutionary water filtration technology won the prestigious European Inventor Award in 2014 and attracted over 100million Krona for further development.

Primary market focus includes industrial water treatment treatment of difficult wastewater streams and other niche segments where the Aquaporin Inside™ technology closes a technological gap in todays water treatment. Secondary market focus includes desalination of seawater and pressure retarded osmosis applications.


 In Aquaporin Business Development we continuously look into new business segments that could be of interest now or in the future. You can help us by broaden our knowledge by conducting a thorough market analysis and go-to-market strategy about Ultrapure Water (UPW). Included in this analysis we need a detailed investigation of the key industries that use UPW including the power industry semiconductors labs and pharma. Aquaporin A/S will support the project with market data to a certain extent and our knowledge and experiences.

The objective is to find the right strategy to enter the UPW market. This project will entail analysis about the global UPW market specific applications within UPW stakeholder analysis and a go-to-market strategy. The project will be conducted in close collaboration with our business development department. The project is open for graduate students about to write their master thesis and would like to dig into the following topics:

  • Overview of the global UPW market;
  • Stakeholder analysis with focus on needs for all parts of the value chain;
  • Identification of attractive strategic partners to Aquaporin A/S; and
  • If attractive for Aquaporin A/S suggested go-to-market strategy. 

Student’s Profile

We are seeking for ambitious and highly motivated candidate with a business background (MSc/cand.merc./or the like)


Develop a go-to-market strategy for Ultrapure Water UPW | Match My Thesis
Nov 10, 2015


Go-to-market strategy

Market research

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