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The Economic Impact of TDC Group in Denmark


Project description


TDC is Denmark’s leading provider of communications solutions and Pay-TV with market leadership across all segments in the domestic market. In all other Nordic countries TDC is the main challenger in the business market and has recently entered the TV and broadband market in Norway through its acquisition of Get. Read more here.


The aim of the project is to determine the economic impact / contribution of TDC Group in Denmark. Factors to consider in this calculation include: 

  • Jobs & wages
  • Investments (CAPEX)
  • Taxes paid to the Danish government
  • Supply chain spending in Denmark (direct impacts)
  • Returns to shareholders based in Denmark
  • Overall societal value of TDC’s network infrastructure and services.

Calculations should be done in academically recognized economic and socioeconomic methods. Inspiration can be drawn from a similar study published by British Telecom KPMG’s concept of True Value and PwC’s concept of Total Impact. TDC will also provide or assist the provision of necessary data for the calculations and the project overall. 

On top of the calculations an important aspect of the project is the communication of the results; it is important that the results can be communicated not just in terms of amounts but also in terms of examples as well as through using visualizations / infographics. Furthermore the analysis should also include TDCs rankings in relation to other largest companies in Denmark. 


We are looking for a student or a group of students with backgrounds in Economics Business Political Sciences or Communications. You should be experienced in doing various micro and macro calculations have strong verbal and visual communication skills be professional and ambitious. 

Students must be available for regular meetings and interactions with the designated contact person at TDC (minimum 1 meeting per two weeks at the beginning of the project). At the end of the projects students are also expected to present the final project results for TDC management and employees (up to five presentations) as well as for interested journalists/ stakeholders (up to another five presentations).