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Engineering challenges for a breakthrough microchip technology


Project description

Company description

Fluidan ApS is a spin-out from the DTU Nanotech introducing a game-changing technology. 

We are developing the RheoStream™ which for the first time makes it possible to measure complex flow properties (rheology) of liquids in real time through a new research-based proprietary flow cell technology. 

Read more at our website here

Our product enables the manufacturer to continuously monitor and optimize the production process and to make large savings by reducing time waste and re-processing.  We are already in close collaboration with both Danish and international companies such as Coloplast and CO-RO. 

The technology is applicable in a wide variety of industries such as food and beverages paints and varnish petrochemicals or pharmaceuticals and biotechnology industries.  


Fluidan is constructing prototype instruments and need creative solutions from bright students to help us answer: 

How do we secure robust operation in long term use?

• Analysis of potential failure modes

• Prioritization of improvement areas

• Designing solutions for robust operation

Modular architecture

• Break down the total instrument function into elements

• Group into modules to allow for optimal customization customer interfacing and replacement at service

• Design modules

• (Build and test the optimized configuration)

How do we improve temperature regulation in the measuring system?

• Assessment of heat balances – sources of heat/cooling in the system

• Measurement of relevant temperature in the instrument

• Regulation systems

• Heating/Cooling systems (peltier or other)

• Build the next upgrade and document the performance!

How do we minimize variability in the measurements?

• Analysis of key sources of variability

• Prioritization of improvement areas

• Designing solutions for minimized variability

• Building and testing the improved designs

We are looking for individual or groups of students with Mechanical Engineering background to work on the above-mentioned challenges as university projects or Master Thesis papers. We are open to discussing and adjusting the projects and we expect you to start as soon as possible (January).

Engineering challenges for a breakthrough microchip technology | Match My Thesis
Mar 31, 2016