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Save the Cloud - Synchronization of iPads for Halifax Restaurants


Project description

Company description

Dwarf is a digital agency located in Copenhagen and creating value-adding customized solutions based on the latest technologies. Since we were founded in 2000 we strive to be dynamic creative friendly and highly professional with our customers and colleagues.  

Our expertise include Online Design & Usability Marketing Automation Online Strategy & Development App & Mobile SKI -Digital Solutions to the Public Sector Sitecore Drupal EPiServer and Tuksi. The solutions we have proudly delivered include companies like Børsen Tiger 3 Mobile SticksnSushi and more while recently Dwarf received an international Lovie Award for Digitalization of Halifax restaurants - technology that you now have an opportunity to influence as a part of your thesis. 


Cloud based applications have inherent flaws. In case of internet connection disturbance all the data are being lost or stuck . This makes it a huge issue if your business lets say a restaurant is based on such a cloud based app. We want you to “save the cloud” and find a solution for this problem.

The goal with the project is to find a way to store data between iPads on a local network.  All iPads on the network should negotiate a ‘master’ and this master selected has an additional job of syncing the data with the cloud. The academic challenge is to design a distributed system where data is synced between all devices and sent to a server when internet connection is available. 

The expected outcome of this project should be an iOS library written in either Objective-C or Swift which allows the app developer to interact with the other iPads on the network. The negotiation for a master should happen automatically when the master leaves the network and syncing with the cloud should be when there is an internet connection and data to sync.  All iPads on the network can be selected as a master. 


For this project to be successfully implemented we are looking for student/group of students pursuing Bachelors/Masters degree in Computer Science Software Engineering and adequate lines at leading universities in Denmark. We expect you to have knowledge in Distributed Systems and Distributed Algorithms be experienced with Swift or Objective-C and be capable of designing data structure that performs.  

Save the Cloud - Synchronization of iPads for Halifax Restaurants | Match My Thesis
Dec 14, 2015


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