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DevOps impact on business agility


Project description

Company Description 

CSC is a global powerhouse in business and technology transformation. Our people lead businesses governments and communities on their digital transformation journeys and help them solve their toughest challenges by providing innovative next-generation IT services and solutions that leverage deep industry expertise. 

CSC Nordics help commercial and public sector clients solve their toughest IT challenges by modernizing their business processes applications and infrastructure with next-generation technology solutions. 

One of our strategic cornerstones is to leverage new operating models for greater efficiency. We are simplifying our global operating model by reducing excess management layers clarifying lines of accountability and improving our global team’s integration and focus. This is why we are always on the lookout for new ways to reinvent ourselves.

Research Objectives

Changes are taking place much faster than ever before. Despite the size of a company everyone is forced to listen to customers’ feedback and adapt. If you don’t – your competitors will. The challenges for larger companies are further amplified by two industry trends: agile development and large-scale/cloud infrastructure.

DevOps is being pushed as a new methodology that claims to improve business agility by enabling frequent high quality changes in applications and solutions. CSC has started using DevOps in both new projects and the maintenance of existing client solutions. We believe the real benefit shows when our clients also embrace the DevOps concept. Therefore before we convince our clients to jump on the DevOps bandwagon we want to investigate in greater depth the effects of using DevOps in companies and analyze the long-term strategic implications.

We would like you to do open exploratory research about DevOps and it’s effects in practice. Possible approaches and research questions could be:

  • Analysis of CSC clients who implemented DevOps methodology in comparison to regular CSC clients. What are the differences? What are the results?
  • Taking other companies as case examples how should CSC strategically prepare for DevOps becoming a mainstream working method to take the full advantage of it?
  • How will DevOps from a business point of view impact companies in different industries and the public sector?
  • Will DevOps accelerate disruption in business and if so to what degree in the various industries and public sector.
  • How will DevOps and a more agile project approach impact the decision processes at clients?
  • How will DevOps impact the relationship between clients and vendors?
  • How will DevOps impact clients with a multivendor strategy?
  • How will DevOps impact IT service providers and software companies.
  • What are the most important business benefits of DevOps?
    • What is the definition of DevOps as seen by the clients?
    • What is the perception among clients compared to the perception in the IT industry?

As a part of this collaboration you will have:

  • Directly assigned supervisor from who will guide you during the entire collaboration process
  • Access to relevant data and guidance on company specific questions.
  • Office space to sit internally at our HQ in Copenhagen
  • Opportunity to meet our Senior Management Team 

Student Profile

We are looking for a talented student or a group of two students within the last year of their Master’s degree who possess both a business and a technical understanding. We expect you to be passionate about large scale IT system development and operational excellence. No programming skills are required for this project.  

As a person you are self-driven autonomous and you can plan and execute independently. You should also be good at communicating with people have strong analytical thinking and be capable of asking right questions.


This project collaboration will take place during Fall 2016-Spring 2017. You are already welcome to apply with your project proposals via an online form below - the application deadline is October 24th 2016. You can expect to hear from us after the deadline.

If you have to start your thesis prior to application deadline or should you have any questions about the project and application process - please contact info@matchmythesis.com. 


We are looking forward to start this amazing collaboration! 

DevOps impact on business agility | Match My Thesis
Oct 23, 2016



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