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Customer intelligence model development based on big data analysis


Project description

Company description

The DLG Group is one of the largest agricultural companies in Europe and is currently owned by 30000 Danish farmers. In addition to agricultural products the groups activities also include supplying vegetables to the catering and retail trades electricity trading telecom pot plant sales etc.

The groups strategic focus for expanding in Denmark and abroad is reflected in the groups international collaboration around the Baltic Sea - exemplified by the group subsidiary HaGe (one of Germanys largest agricultural suppliers) - including the Polish market Svenska Foder (a Swedish subsidiary) and Scandinavian Farmers (covering the Baltic States) as well as DLG Food. DLG is localised in more than 20 countries.

Problem statement

Quite recently we conducted a customer satisfaction survey in Germany Sweden and Denmark. We now have an extensive dataset which we would like to use to make quantitative customer insight studies. Dataset consist of customer satisfaction product purchase log customer specific details and other data. We would like you to:

  • Analyze the dataset and make meaningful insights of what factors influence customer satisfaction  
  • Create a customer intelligence model
  • Integrated with the model with our CRM system for a daily use.

We expect to use customer intelligence model in our daily operations. Customer insight will empower sales reps to make more informed decisions.

Apply to any of the two problem statements. Selection process is ongoing.