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Optimizing The Road Paving Process

NCC Roads

Company description

NCC is the second largest construction company in Northern Europe with an annual revenue of almost 50 billion kr. and 18.000 employees. NCC develops and builds residential and commercial properties industrial facilities and public buildings roads civil engineering structures and other types of infrastructure. The company also offers input materials used in construction such as aggregates and asphalt and conducts paving and road services.

This project is for NCC Asphalt. Modern asphalt is free of tar and other pollutants and is made from 20%-30% recycled asphalt. NCC strives to constantly improve and evolve and for this reason are now working towards less waste in their paving industry.

Project description

Track units - vehicle tracking devices - have recently been installed in NCC road paving machinery. Data from these units have shown a potential for improvement in terms of waste reduction. However the data from the track units needs to be validated by on-site observation interviews and analysis.

Therefore the aim of this project is optimization of large scale construction work based on  data analysis & observations. As the end goal of entire project we seek target of 10% waste reduction in current road paving process. As a part of the project your objectives will be:

  • Validation and analysis of the data
  • Observation and recording of all factors that contribute to waste of road paving
  • Establishing best practices and spread these across all paving teams 
  • Learning from this study to be made available to all levels of NCC

It is important to note that this project aims toward increasing the overall awareness of factors causing time waste and establishing more competitive spirit among the teams when reducing waste. Essentially however this is all carrot and not stick: the aim among teams is to help each other not pressure or lay blame.

Student description

For this project we seek a student or group of students within Master studies of relevant Engineering Engineering Management Construction Operations or similar studies. Strong analytical skills curiosity and outside-the-box thinking are essential for this project. We expect you to be selfmotivating have initiative and willingness to travel around Denmark while doing observations & field work. 

Applicants should be equally at ease analysing data and on the construction site speaking to our employees. Some travel will be required as observations on several sites are needed for valid data. Workspace could be available at any NCC sites and offices across Denmark. Travel expenses paid.

Optimizing The Road Paving Process | Match My Thesis
Nov 29, 2016


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