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Feasibility study of new S train station in Solrod

Solrød Kommune

Company description

Solrød kommune is a high-income municipality in south of Copenhagen. The municipality covers an area of 40 km² and has a total population of over 20000 making it one of the smallest municipalities in Denmark.

In connection with the construction of a new district the Magic Forest Beach with 760 homes and almost 2000 residents he municipality needs to know the feasibility of constructing a new s-train station..  Taking into account that Magic Forect Beach project and Køge’s new super hospital is completed and operating municipality might have a significant growth of commuters and citizens in the following years. 

If data and results support the construction of a station we will use it to make a case for DSB which ultimately would have to perform construction work. The goal is to create the best possible decision based on analysis of new and existing data and set a motion for 2022 train station construction work. 

Project description

We would like you to do feasibility study for the construction of an s-train station in Solrød.

The basis of this research is existing GIS data and previous research done by Solrød Kommune as well as forecasts and predictions of traffic- and population density data towards 2022. Take into account the following:

  • Ringsted Banen - rail road under construction by DSB
  • University Hospital Køge under construction 
  • Traffic internally in Solrød - how will the new station affect existing patterns and will this draw additional traffic
  • Any further relevant data you may find

The final delivery of this project should be a report with a clear recommendation to either build the station - or not do so. 

Your recommendation will play a large part in deciding whether to proceed with the construction or not.

Student description

If you like to work on impactful thesis and to be responsible for building a new train station in Denmark we encourage you to apply. 

Urban planning Economics Statistics are the cornerstones of this project. We expect you to be competent independent driven and smart number crunchers from engineering statistics economics transport or logistics study lines.

Knowledge of GIS is a prerequisite. Danish language knowledge is a benefit.


Feasibility study of new S train station in Solrod | Match My Thesis
Dec 10, 2016


Feasibility study



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