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Strengthening Internal Employer Branding at Multinational IT Service Provider


Project description

Company Description 

CSC is a global powerhouse in business and technology transformation. Our people lead businesses governments and communities on their digital transformation journeys and help them solve their toughest challenges by providing innovative next-generation IT services and solutions that leverage deep industry expertise. 

CSC Nordics help commercial and public sector clients solve their toughest IT challenges by modernizing their business processes applications and infrastructure with next-generation technology solutions. 

Research Objectives

Throughout the latest four years company has undergone a transformation and huge technology shift from mainstream to innovation oriented solutions. This has led to many changes both internally and externally. 

As an IT company we live out of the knowledge of our people. Hence it is extremely important that we continuously attract great talent and at the same time retain and develop our current employees. One of the ways to achieve these goals is having a strong employer brand and communicate effectively why CSC is a great place to work thus we have developed an employee value proposition that we believe is appealing for future employees and engaging for our current workforce.

However due to undergone transformation we found ourselves not being perfect at communicating this value proposition internally. Therefore we seek a talented student or a group of students who could investigate the internal aspect of our employer branding practices. 

As this is a topic that is connected to numerous HR processes we would like you to bring your own ideas and create a proposal on how to strengthen our internal employer brand.


Your Master Thesis could address some of the following areas:

  • How can CSC be better at engaging and retaining its existing employees?
  • How do employees perceive the employee value proposition of the company?
  • How can CSC help its employees with personal development?
  • How can CSC improve its people management systems to increase employee performance?
  • What strategies should CSC implement to bolster its internal employer brand? What actions does the company need to take to reach its desired KPIs in this area?

We are flexible at scoping down the project and formulating together the final research question as long as it keeps the main focus on Internal Employer Branding and delivers expected outcome.


As a part of our collaboration you will get:

  • Directly assigned supervisor from CSC Employer Branding Department who will guide you during the entire collaboration process
  • Access to required data
  • Organized focus groups with employees
  • Office space to sit internally at our HQ in Copenhagen
  • Opportunity to meet our Senior Management Team

As an outcome of your project we expect you to provide a report summarizing your thesis as well as present your results to our management team. We see your project as strategically important for CSC and we expect to implement your results internally.

Student Profile

We are looking for a talented student or a group of students interested in organizational development in international context. You should pursue your  Masters degree in Business Communications Marketing International Management Anthropology  or similar.  We expect you to bring in your best theoretical knowledge within Organizational Development & Employee Retention therefore prior courses in HRM would be an advantage.

As a person you should be curious proactive outspoken and ambitious. Also you have to be fluent in English while Danish Swedish Norwegian or any Baltic language would be a plus. 

Strengthening Internal Employer Branding at Multinational IT Service Provider | Match My Thesis
Oct 23, 2016


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