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Simplifying continuous improvement process for operational excellence


Company description

FTZ is a large player in the auto parts and tool industry in Denmark with more than 1100 employees and 52 branches. Since 1962 when the company was founded it has grown nationwide through organic growth acquisitions takeovers and mergers with other companies expanding also to the Faroe Islands.

The company is fully dedicated to push supply chain until perfection. The lead-time to customers is around 2 hours and in several places it is possible to be supplied with up to 8 times per day via an ingenious system that makes FTZ incredibly efficient. The purpose of this system is to support the repairers so that FTZ’s warehouse becomes an extension of their shops. Our agile and on time delivery is key for an efficient workshop operation.

Project description

At FTZ we use a continuous improvement process (CIP) to improve operations in general. For the warehouse operation specifically it falls short in two essential aspects: 

  • CIP is used mainly by our managers rather than by people who are closest to the daily operations.
  • Ideas and projects for operational improvements in the warehouses are often selected based on monetary calculations rather than a general spirit for perfection in terms of efficiency and accuracy.

Moving forward we want to empower all people responsible for warehouse operations to improve their work on a continuous basis regardless of their seniority level or monetary return. We would like you to:

  • Analyse the current process for improvements at our central and regional warehouses
  • Develop a common and simple continuous improvement process that could be adopted throughout all warehouses and all seniority levels
  • Provide recommendations for a new process implementation and making continuous improvement a natural part of daily operations

We expect to transition into a more systematic way of generating registering and evaluating ideas and of planning implementing and evaluating activities based on the ideas. By making everyone’s ideas matter we think we can improve efficiency accuracy and overall job satisfaction.

Student description

At FTZ we work with thesis students for a second year now so we know about academic requirements that thesis needs to follow and we provide full support for you to succeed. 

By working on this project you will get contacts to the key people for interviews and access to the warehouses for observation. You will also get access to the previous thesis project that was done at FTZ last year so that you would get a comprehensive written overview of our company and industry. Furthermore you would be able to build your research based on a previous student work that was evaluated by a top grade. 

We expect you to be ambitious independent talented and passionate about the matter. Ideally we would like to take a group of two Master students having skills in the areas like operations management engineering management business process management quality management project management or alike. Danish language is an advantage.

In case of successful completion of a project you could get a job offer and possibility to implement your results. Since data collection might require travelling across the country we will reimburse all the travelling expenses. You will also get a place in our offices to come and work from.

Applications are evaluated on an on-going basis and case is likely to be closed before the deadline.