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Qualitative study about Coop brand based on consumers perspective


Company description

Coop Danmark A/S is the largest retailer in Denmark with over 1200 stores 36000 employees and a turnover of over DKK 50 billion.  We are best known for our chains Fakta Super Brugsen Irma Kvickly our private label brand Änglamark and partnerships with e.g. Thiese. We are also known for a number of initiatives e.g. our goal to double organic sales in Denmark. 

Coop Danmark is #1 company mentioned daily by Danish media 

Project description

Coop group with its major chains have very fragmented brand architecture and a very large marketing spend. We believe that it is possible to achieve higher impact at a lower price if we are able to describe and implement clear roles for Coops master brand our chain brands and our private label brands and partnerships.

Therefore we are looking for students that could make a research on our consumers perception of Coop brand. This research will be a part of larger project with Coops Corporate Brand Manager which is ongoing from October 2016 until January 2017. 

As a part of your study we would like you to:

  • Analyze and look for patterns at our quantitative data and reports
  • Develop and test qualitative analysis with our consumer (interviews/participatory observations)
  • Provide recommendations on what should be the role of Coops master brand in the future?

Your findings will be strategically important for our new brand strategy therefore it is important that you will be able present your key findings and recommendations by mid January 2017.

Student description

For this project we look for thesis student or group of university students within Marketing Branding Strategy or similar Business/Social Science studies. You your thesis partner or at least one member of a group should be fluent in Danish and have good communication skills. Besides it is important that you have strategic mindset as well as proactive approach to go through this project independently.

This project will involve Coop CSR Innovation & Brand as well as Communication departments. We will support you with internal connections and feedback meetings with head of Corporate Branding. You will have an access to quantitative data like consultancy reports on previous brand architecture analyses quarterly analyses of external info-media data consumer surveys. We will also cover expenses related to transportation. 

Please send us your 150 words application via online form below attaching your and your partners CV. We are looking for students to start this project ASAP therefore papplications are being screened on an ongoing basis with latest date to apply on 15th November. For any questions or more information please contact Kris at 50 28 00 69 or info@matchmythesis.com 

Qualitative study about Coop brand based on consumers perspective | Match My Thesis
Nov 10, 2016