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Qualitative study on Danish consumer behavior for vegetable purchases


Company description

Coop Danmark A/S is the largest retailer in Denmark managing the chains Irma Superbrugsen Dagli’brugsen Kvickly and Fakta. We have more than 1200 stores 36000 employees and a turnover of over DKK 50 billion. Together with our 16 million members and even more customers we  influence lifestyles through our assortment and set the agenda for food consumption in Denmark.

Corporate responsibility is at the core of our business as we continue to integrate social and environmental considerations in our daily operations. Our primary function is to formulate strategies regarding animal welfare waste social standards health etc. and support their implementation in the retail chains. We work in close dialogue with suppliers consumers NGOs and public institutions on creating sustainable solutions to current societal problems.

Project description

Our recent studies show that 62% of our consumers want to increase their intake of vegetables and the variety of sorts used when cooking. However very few people take the next step and actually increase the consumption. Being socially responsible company we want to positively influence people to take on right eating habits.

We believe there are number of factors and obstacles that prevent consumers from buying more vegetables. We would like you to:

• Conduct qualitative analysis to get consumer insights and understand the rationale 

• Identify areas where consumers could be nudged or incentivised in their purchasing process.

• Provide recommendations and implementable ideas for changing consumer behaviour towards healthier choices

It is important for us that research is based on academic research and final recommendations could be applied in a practical setting. Project could be scoped and tailored for specific study line so we are open to hear your proposals.

Student description

We expect you to be a master student within the social sciences (eg. anthropology sociology business food studies etc) with high ambitions for your thesis. Preferably you have taken relevant courses or have practical experience with CSR health issues or consumer behavior but it is not a requirement. It is important that you or your thesis partner are fluent in Danish in order to communicate professionally with both colleagues and consumers. We also expect you to work proactively and independently on your project.

You will be placed in the CSR department with reference to the CSR managers who will support you with feedback meetings relations to other departments invitations to relevant events and access to data. The position is unpaid but we will cover any expenses related to your work with us. 

Please send us your 150 words application via the online form below and attach your and your partners CV. Applications are being screened on an ongoing basis where the latest date to apply is 25th November. The application form will be closed right after the match is found or the deadline has expired. For questions or more information please contact us at info@matchmythesis.com 

Qualitative study on Danish consumer behavior for vegetable purchases | Match My Thesis
Nov 25, 2016




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