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Consumers perception of animal welfare and product labeling


Project description

In the spring of 2016 the Danish Government imposed new labeling requirements in order to create more transparency around animal products. In response to these requirements Coop is introducing a brand new label for animal products. 

In total there will be 2 labels in the Danish market - one created by Dansk Supermarked and another created by us. Since Coop is a company owned by our consumers we want our label to be different from our competitor’s and represent the voice of our consumers. Therefore we want to collaborate with you on a qualitative study where we expect you to help us improve our understanding of the issues in animal welfare from a consumer’s perspective. 

This challenge is important to us because we want to be sure that we accurately represent the concerns of our over 1.6 million members. As a part of this collaboration we would like you to cover topics such as: 

  • What is the perception of Danish consumers about animal welfare?
  • Which factors regarding animal welfare do consumers want to see reflected in a new label and why
  • How can we best translate these factors into our new animal welfare programme?

At the end of our collaboration we expect you to deliver:

  • A report summarizing your key findings and their managerial implications
  • A power point presentation to our management

Student description

For this project we are looking for a Master Thesis student or a group of 2 students studying Sociology Anthropology Marketing Business or a similar subject with high ambitions for their thesis. Preferably you have taken relevant courses or have practical experience with CSR health issues or consumer behavior but it is not a requirement. It is important that you or your thesis partner are fluent in Danish in order to communicate professionally with both colleagues and consumers. We also expect you to work proactively and independently on your project.

To support you on this project we will give you access to quantitative data from consumer surveys showing how they rate factors concerning animal welfare (1. Enough air to breathe 2. Enough space to move around 3. Proper feeding etc). We will also provide access to external data from media coverage on this issue (quarterly analyses of external media). 

You will be placed in the CSR department where you will receive the full support from our CSR managers through feedback meetings relations to other departments invitations to relevant events and access to necessary data. The position is unpaid but we will cover any expenses related to your work with us.