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Human resources strategy for highly flexible workforce


Company description

The Voith Industrial Services Group is employing around 17.200 people and generating €1.2 billion in sales around the world.

Voith Industrial Services A/S in Denmark is a Scandinavian service provider mainly working within the markets: Oil & Gas Petrochemical and Energy. We provide support in areas like design construction and renovation of pipework steel structures pumps & valves and onsite machining.

Recently Voith Industrial Services was acquired by Triton - a private equity investment firm and with the new ownership Voith is focusing on improving technology and processes towards digital age.

Project description

We currently employ 150 people the majority of our workforce (120 employees) being highly skilled blue-collar workers. Due to project-based nature of work at Voith we regularly take on large projects that require us to hire additional 150 freelance workers with unique skills-set.

There has been a strong emphasis on the development of white-collar employees however only little is being said about attraction development and retention of highly skilled blue-collar flexible workforce. Therefore we would need a student or a group of students to:
• Map in-house competencies and determine missing key skills to be recruited for optimal business operations.
• Propose training and development plan for blue collar workers
• Propose HR strategy to attract necessary skilled workforce

Student description

We are looking for a talented student or a group of students interested in HR strategy and talent management in global company. 

You should pursue your Masters degree in Human Resource Management Psychology International Management Anthropology or similar.  

As a person you should be analytical with a strategic mindset but also have a practical approach when it comes to implementation of the strategies. You have to be fluent in English or Danish. 

Human resources strategy for highly flexible workforce | Match My Thesis
Dec 01, 2016



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