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Development of innovative industrial equipment for refineries - Automating bolt cleaning process


Company description

The Voith Industrial Services Group is employing around 17.200 people and generating €1.2 billion in sales around the world.

Voith Industrial Services A/S in Denmark is a Scandinavian service provider mainly working within the markets: Oil & Gas Petrochemical and Energy. We provide support in areas like design construction and renovation of pipework steel structures pumps & valves and onsite machining.

Recently Voith Industrial Services was acquired by Triton - a private equity investment firm and with the new ownership Voith is focusing on improving technology and processes towards digital age.

Project description

As a part of our industrial services at oilrigs and refineries we engage into complicated procedure of cleaning and maintaining large heat exchangers. In order to ensure longevity of these complex apparatus, every bold needs to be meticulously cleaned. This is currently being performed manually by hand. With every minute under maintenance costing refinery tens of thousands of kroners, the improvement in efficiency of cleaning bolts can bring significant savings to the industry.

We would like you to develop industrial grade equipment according to the safety standards of working on refineries that could automate the job of cleaning bolts. We envision using steel brushes to the cleaning job but other and perhaps more appropriate mechanical or chemical techniques could be considered.

Our workshops have a possibility to support you during the prototyping phase with required hard metal work e.g. welding, bending, etc. You will also be able to observe operations to understand how tasks are currently being preformed.

Student description

We are looking for a talented student or a group of students interested in developing new equipment as a part of a thesis. Working on these projects you will see oil refineries complex operations and have a chance to improve efficiency on a large scale with your own project. 

These project suits to students who pursue Masters degree in engineering related lines. That being said each proposed project idea requires distinct skills set so if you are interested and think you might be a right person for the project apply now!  


Development of innovative industrial equipment for refineries - Automating bolt cleaning process | Match My Thesis
Jan 15, 2017
Masters, Bachelors, Diploma



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