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Developing a model for massive enterprise data merge and warehousing


Company description

Telia Company is one of the leading telephone companies and mobile network provider with a total of 182 million mobile customers worldwide and operations in Nordics Baltics Central Asia and South Asia. Telia Company is headquartered in Stockholm and its stocks are traded on Stockholm and Helsinki Stock Exchanges.  

Telia Denmark is part of Telia Company. We operate in the very competitive Danish market of Telecommunication. Telia Denmark serves BtB as well as BtC markets and employs approximately 1000 people in various disciplines including sales product development marketing finance customer support networks & IT.

Project description

Telia as Telecommunication Company have huge amounts of data. We are convinced that there are business opportunities hidden in it. However, before we can build some advanced analytics and data analysis models we need to have good foundation – data warehouse combining all the data sets together.

At the moment we have all of our customer data – subscriptions plan data, demographics, and other data available in our data warehouse. We want to combine it with network data – quality of network for customer, down times, geo location, etc. This we believe will enable us to make advanced pattern analysis to understand our customers better and build analytics on top of it.

We would like you to develop a model for combining customer data with network data in a data warehouse. Model should be able to process large data transfers and designed for adding multiple datasets in the future.

Student description

For this project we seek talented Master Thesis student  (or a group of students) pursuing relevant business and/or IT education at CBS ITU or DTU. We expect you to have relevant knowledge about data analysis and IT systems. Besides it is important that you would have a good knowledge about data models and how to extract data from databases.

This project will involve Telia IT department. We will support you with internal contact person at organization access to extensive quantitative data and opportunities to interview internal employees and managers.

Please send us your 150 words application via online form below attaching your and your partners CVs. The applications are being screened on an ongoing basis with latest date to apply on 30th November. For any questions or more information please contact info@matchmythesis.com