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Creating IT infrastructure for project management and stock control


Company description

LMIS AB started out in 2014 providing Consultancy and Project Management services for Shipping companies and Marine Service Providers. Some of our services include: installing, repairing and servicing most types of pipe systems on board ships, rigs and in shore-based industries. We also make welding, steel repairs, pressure testing, mechanical maintenance and repairs of the ships. Our staff has extensive experience in working on offshore projects as well as on shipyards and as riding crews. Our main objective is to provide high-quality services at a reasonable price.

In December 2015 we moved to a new workshop and office situated at Industrigatan 18 in Laholm, Sweden. This placed us in a strategic position on the Swedish west coast, right between 2 of the biggest Swedish ports; Gothenburg and Malmö. eki Aviation specializes in the supply and distribution of aircraft parts, interiors and components to the global Aviation industry.

Project description

IT infrastructure is a major challenge in our company that causes internal and external problems. For example, materials and goods used for a project are not always taken out of the stock, which leads to overbooking, operational lags and internal frustration by our employees. Therefore, the greatest challenge is to ensure that all materials used for a project are act taken out from stock before deciding to purchase new ones.

We currently use 4 different software in our operations: Fortnox for accounting, Lagerkoll for stock control, Limble CMMS for maintenance, Smartsheets for project management and others. With all these tools combined, only 50% of our needs end up being satisfied.

We want to find how could we streamline our operations using IT tools and need your help in choosing between different options. One of the options is to use public APIs that previously named tools are offering and develop integrations between them. The second option is to create custom tools for ourselves from the ground up or perhaps thirdly use more expensive off the shelf solution that satisfies most of our requirements.

To answer these questions we would like you to:
• Map out all operational processes based on current flowcharts as well as your own observations;
• Interview employees to find processes that cause the most frustration and time waste;
• Analyze how the process could be simplified and develop requirements for ideal software solution;
• Prepare a business case for purchasing of the shelf software vs building custom software vs integrations using APIs: Cost/Benefit analysis, ROI and other relevant analysis;
• Prepare a blueprint of possible integrations between different software solutions for project management and stock control operations.

The ideal outcome of this project is a design pattern showing us possible integrations with software applications including functions in stock control and project management. The blueprint should include the assumption that we need applications with a user-friendly interface, QR code and smartphone apps.

Student description

We are looking for motivated Business/IT master thesis student (or a group of 2) who would have the interest to work with Software Applications, Business Processes. You should have a good understanding of operations in an organization, be capable to analyse flowcharts, assess complicated processes and build IT infrastructure.

The Head of the department will be your main internal supervisor assisting you throughout the process and connecting with relevant stakeholders to this project.

Creating IT infrastructure for project management and stock control | Match My Thesis
Jan 05, 2020


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