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Product development - customer behaviour study and pain point analysis


Company description

OrderYOYO is a technology company, transforming the way people order food online. We are focused on enabling takeaway restaurants to make the most out of the modern ordering culture. By providing takeaway restaurants with private labelled own branded websites and mobile applications, we are ensuring that our customers are not paying predatory commissions to online food portals, but instead take control of their own businesses and win back their own returning customers from the portals. When an end-user orders their food from their local takeaway restaurant, they are not a customer of the local restaurant but rather a customer of a food portal.

In 2014, one of the founders, Thor Angelo, realised that 90 % of the customers in his local takeaway was returning loyal customers to that takeaway restaurant. He investigated this more and through extensive research, he saw that this was the case for almost all local takeaways restaurants. The majority of takeaway restaurants are currently relying on expensive third-party aggregators, such as food portals, for all their online orders. That means that local takeaway restaurants are paying money to 3rd party websites for their own regular clients and Thor set out to change it. Today, OrderYOYO has more than 100 employees, few thousands of takeaway restaurants and we offer our private labelled online solution and services in the UK, Ireland, Denmark and Germany. 

OrderYOYO is headquartered in Østerbro, Copenhagen. Our dog-friendly, young and ambitious team is pushing the limits when it comes to delivering top results. We highly value work/personal life balance and care for our employee’s happiness. Our sales and operational office in Manchester are serving our customers in our main market of UK/Ireland.

Project description

OrderYOYO operates in a two-sided market. On one side we have takeaway restaurant owners and staff members (i.e. our customers) who use our app and website to receive orders and manage their returning loyal customers. On the other side, we have a regular takeaway restaurant customer (i.e. our end-users), who uses our system to order directly from their local takeaway restaurant. If a person during the ordering process encounters any obstacle, it is very easy to just call the restaurant and bypass us.  The same applies to the restaurants who might see some of the app features as a hassle rather than value-adding insights helping their business to grow. Therefore, it is essential to understand and address real pain points for each side and remove friction from the product as much as possible.

Although we have a number of hypothesis about user and customer behaviour, they tend to carry internal bias. As a result, we want you to make independent research and bring an accurate representation of what are the main pain-points of users and customers. We expect you to:
  • Together with our data team, segment our customers (takeaway restaurants) and users (end-users who order) according to the most representative groups.
  • Observe daily operations of each restaurant segment to discover main pain-points, define the customer-perceived significance of the pain and evaluate how well our current product addresses it.
  • Interview or observe people who make orders on OrderYOYO app to discover main pain-points, define the user-perceived significance of the pain and evaluate how well our current product addresses it.
At the end of the project, we expect to receive a presentation and a summary of top 5 most important pain points from our customers (takeaway restaurants) and their customers (end-users) that we poorly address at the moment. It is very important to make sure that results are credible, so we expect you to use design thinking, double diamond, or any other academic methodology and technique that fits well for this research.

Student description

We are looking for a student or a group of students with a background in Anthropology, Techno-Anthropology, Industrial Design, Product Development or similar studies. You should have a prior knowledge/experience either from university or your professional career, working on a behavioural study, consumer insights and topics alike.

Since the primary market for OrderYOYO is the UK, students may be located in the UK or travel there for research purposes from Denmark where we are headquartered. At the end of the project, students are expected to present the final project results for the management team and employees.

The applications will be reviewed on an ongoing basis and we will close it once the right candidate is found.

Product development - customer behaviour study and pain point analysis | Match My Thesis
Oct 31, 2019


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