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Piracy - Business Crime Wave of the 21st Century


Project description

Company description

Danfoss is a world-leading supplier of technologies that meet the growing need for food supply modern infrastructure efficient energy utilization and climate-friendly solutions.

The Group is divided into two business segments: Danfoss Climate & Energy and Danfoss Power Solutions. Danfoss Climate & Energys key expertise lies in food refrigeration air conditioning systems controls for electric motors heating systems for buildings and components for renewable energy including solar and wind energy. Danfoss Power Solutions key expertise is in hydraulic systems and compo­nents for powering mobile machinery used in agriculture construction materials handling and specialty equipment.

Danfoss is a privately-owned company that has grown and improved its skills and expertise in energy-efficient solutions over the past 80 years. Danfoss sells its products in more than 100 countries and employs some 22500 people worldwide.

Problem statement

Piracy is called the business crime wave of the 21st century. Trademark counterfeiting and product piracy are worldwide in scope and cost economy billions of dollars every year. Starting from entertainment to pharmaceutical- many industries are touched.

Not exceptionally Denmark faces a piracy threat as well. That is why we want to assess the impact. In particular we are interested in product piracy threat (replication) that could occur in china.   We expect you to:

  • Determine which Danish companies are likely to have product piracy threat from China
  • Do a survey of those companies to get the insights of their actions and perceptions
  • Asses the economic scope of the threat


Our offices are located 6430 Nordborg so we accept long distance collaborations but if desired you can also have a space for work at Nordborgvej 81. The job is unpaid but transportation and telephone costs are reimbursed. We offer you to get a glimpse of what its like to work in large global company and make a meaningful work that results will be used later on.

We expect you to be finishing degree in marketing from Business School or equivalent. You should have a passion for analytical research tasks such as this one.

The applications will be reviewed on an ongoing basis and we will close the ad once the right candidate is found.  

Piracy - Business Crime Wave of the 21st Century | Match My Thesis
Jan 11, 2015


Product Piracy

Trademark counterfeiting

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