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What Do Drivers Do in the Car?


Project description

Company description 

The Volvo Car Corporation is one of the car industry’s strongest brands with a long and proud history of world-leading innovations. As part of our business and sustainability strategies we continually analyze megatrends and regional variations to assess their impact on us and to seek new business development opportunities.

We recognize that one of the long-term challenges is driving safety and security. Every year according to the World Health Organization there are more than 1.2 million road traffic fatalities and as many as 50 million people are injured in traffic accidents. The WHO predicts that traffic fatalities could be among the top five causes of death worldwide by 2030. Safety and security therefore continues to be a key focus.


Problem statement  

According to several studies the usage of smartphones in cars is increasing despite that users are aware of the risk of accidents. This project aims to investigate the needs of the consumers to understand:

  • What other tasks than driving do people in the car?
  • What are the drivers using their smartphones for?
  • When do they specifically use it?
  • What kind of tasks are they involved in depending on different traffic situations? 
  • What do they gain from doing it?

The study approach is up to the team but the research strategy could include user interviews shadowing filming people on their way to work etc.


  • A presentation and report clearly describing the findings.
  • Design test/interview methodology that can reveal what people actually do – not just what they say they do.
  • Perform interviews/user tests with potential Volvo buyers
  • Expectations to project group way of working Volvos engagement
  • The students must be able to work independently and proactively.
  • The students should present project status (briefly) to Volvo several times during the project period.Volvo will offer supervision sessions along the way.Further engagement from Volvo (e.g. workshop involvement observations etc.) to be discussed if needed.

The applications will be reviewed on an ongoing basis and we will close the ad once the right candidate is found.