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Developing framework of simulation tools for sound flow in gas


Company description

Flonidan is a Danish company that develop, manufacture and sell innovative gas metering solutions. We are the world leader in developing, manufacturing and marketing gas conversion devices with integrated automatic meter reading. Our innovative products and systems, integrating leading technologies, are specially designed for public or private energy suppliers, service companies and industrial organisations. We offer a complete range of smart gas diaphragm meters plus a new ultrasonic gas meter, SciFlo® which excels both in range and size.

Being founded in 1982, Flonidan currently employs 70 people and is 100% owned by the Danish AVK-group with more than 1500 employees. Having a strong focus on the development of our technologies, we are constantly strengthening our R&D side, that’s why almost 40% of our employees are engaged in R&D and quality assurance. Besides, our company is ISO 9001:2015 certified, ATEX approved and have laboratory in Horsens for gas volume meters and gas conversion devices.

Project description

The challenge our R&D organization faces today is that all changes to design, materials and used algorithms in our ultrasonic gas meter must be developed and tested with tool changes and in real meters at real environmental conditions and with different gas compositions. This is a very time-consuming development cycle because of limited resources both on personnel, test equipment and because it is stopping the rest of our organization for further development and production activities.

For this reason, we are developing a “digital simulation twin” to our complete ultrasonic measuring system (smart gas meter), which would cut down on time spent in the laboratory with trial & error tests, would focus on improving the current measuring system and would let us use the laboratory test for verification of simulated improvements. 

We currently haven’t got the resources to implement the complete “digital simulation twin” and have mainly focused on flow simulations including simulations with particle contamination. Therefore, we would like you to make a project where digital simulations models are made of the remaining system including at least:
  • Piezo element behavior at different temperatures and signal strengths
  • Sound propagation from transmitting piezo element through interface material, gas, interface material and to receiving piezo element at different temperatures and gas compositions.
Our expected outcome to this project is a simulation tool for our ultrasonic measuring system where it’s possible to test changes of design, materials, gas medium and temperature. We are using COMSOL flow simulation, but we are also open for different simulators to be used for this project. 

At the end of our collaboration, we expect you to deliver a framework of different simulation tools interfacing to give a complete simulation of our ultrasonic measuring system.

Student description

We expect thesis student(s) having a background in physics and an interest in sound propagation, sensor technology. Ideally, the candidate should be studying physics and has an interest in how different materials are able to transfer sound pressure. The student should be able to integrate current expertise in flow simulation at Flonidan and we also expect the student to be well acquainted with simulation and mathematical tools. 

To support you through this project, Flonidan will provide access to data from our simulations, but you will have to participate in measuring and verifying the models as well. Flonidan will pay for necessary travel expenses to visit our laboratory and we would also be willing to offer permanent position afterwards, depending on the outcome of the project. You will also have an access to our CTO, electrical and mechanical engineers and physicist who would be able to answer your questions. 

The applications will be reviewed on an ongoing basis and we will close once the right candidate or a group is found. For any questions related to the project, you are welcome to contact Kris at saikus@matchmythesis.com

Developing framework of simulation tools for sound flow in gas  | Match My Thesis
Dec 20, 2019


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