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CSR collaboration strategy development between NGO and Corporations

Kirkens Korshaer

Company description

Kirkens Korshaer is an independent NGO based on the Christian values from the Danish National Church. We are more than 60 employees and 200 volunteers helping thousands of people each month.

Kirkens Korshaer Copenhagen helps the most vulnerable people living in the street and poor families in the Copenhagen area. We help people who have nowhere else to go and provide more than 10 social activities to support them.

The most important element of giving help is to build relationships; smile, say “hallo” when we meet, and “have a god day” when we part. The fundamental need of any person - rich or poor is to have a connection with other people. Once we ensure the connection, we then make sure material basics are addressed as well; food, cloth, a place to sleep and a safe place. 

Project description

At Kirkens Korshaer we help homeless, addicts, mentally ill, lonely and poor -  socially disadvantaged people in the Copenhagen area by offering various social services to support them. For example, among other things we operate hostels for the night and day shelter in Copenhagen and in 29 cities all over Denmark.  Here, people, affected by homelessness and other social problems, can get a break from the pressure they are living in. The staff and the volunteers offer a meal, conversation and fellowship, dry clothing and a place to rest. In most places, employees can also provide advice and contact the system if they ask for it.

We were very pleasantly surprised when some of the companies like Microsoft, offered us to share the food from the canteen which would otherwise be thrown away at the end of each day. In a very sustainable manner, the food is then served to our residents who enjoy every bit of it. This is a great example of not only of Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) but also sustainable thinking. In our situation, Microsoft was a pioneer of NGO & Corporate collaboration and we believe Copenhagen has even more great companies: beverage producers, pharmacy, etc. were these type of collaborations might fit perfectly under their CSR activities. Therefore, we would like you to help us out to understand the CSR landscape and craft a strategy for collaborations.

We would like you to:
  • Based on the social services we provide, understand the operational needs that we have and identify areas where we could collaborate with companies.
  • Navigate CSR landscape in the area of Copenhagen and identify companies which could be great partners.
  • Together with selected companies, co-create CSR strategy.

Student description

For this project, we are looking at a smart group of students or a student interested in working with CSR, corporate partnerships, social work and similar topics. Previous experience volunteering in NGO or working for similar social cause would be highly advantageous. 

We expect you to take full responsibility for driving this project from the beginning to the end. Our team will provide support to answer questions, access to some of the relevant people and our know-how. 

Applications are being reviewed on a continuous basis and could be closed down before the deadline if a right match is found. If you have any questions feel free to reach  out to Kris via kz@matchmythesis.dk

CSR collaboration strategy development between NGO and Corporations | Match My Thesis
Feb 15, 2020



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