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Scaling Agile way of working inside Nets


Company description

For more than four decades, Nets have been instrumental in developing a modern payment infrastructure, with the introduction of a number of successful payment products to the Nordic region, including Dankort, Betalingsservice, NemID, BankID, Avtalegiro and BankAxept.

We connect banks, businesses, the public sector, merchants and consumers via an international network facilitating digital payments. Headquartered in Copenhagen, Nets spans across the Nordic region – mainly Denmark, Norway, Finland and Sweden, with a strong presence in Estonia and growing in other Baltic countries.

We offer a wide range of standard and customised end-to-end IT solutions, building on our comprehensive network and a commitment to deliver stable and secure operations at all times. We provide a broad range of services within payment cards, bank account services, and payment solutions for merchants.

Project description

In the department responsible for implantation Agile with in Merchant Services – our work could be seen as selling Agile methodology as a product to different teams internally. If we are successful, teams change their regular way of working to agile methodology based work. However, as with any product and any change, resistance comes with it – some of the teams simply do not adopt Agile.

While at the moment we have external Agile consultants running around to get everyone onboard, our situation will change next year when consultants will finish their work and we will have only department resources to work with. With limited resources we need to be smart about how we use our resources and utilise every leverage we can find to increase adoption rate across organisation.

Taking Agile as a product targeted to teams with in Merchant Service and perspective of entrepreneurship and change management, we would like you to:

• Interview teams to understand what are the main reasons for adopting and not adopting Agile methodology.
• Using change management theories, identify ways to mitigate resistance and friction.
• Using entrepreneurship theories identify ways to scale Agile methodology adoption rate inside the company with limited resources.

To quickly kick-start intro into a company you will get access to last years Nets students thesis projects. During the course of your thesis, you will get support from the department responsible for Agile implementation and get to interview different teams to understand their positions.

Student description

For this project we seek talented group of Master Thesis students (or a single student) pursuing relevant education in Business management, IT management, Entrepreneurship or alike. You should have knowledge about change management and Agile.

It is important that you would be self-driven and autonomous person with proactive approach

Each application is being screened and interviewed on an on-going basis and case will be closed regardless of a case deadline once the right match is found.