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Adapting Agile – Process optimization according to Agile methodology


Company description

For more than four decades, Nets have been instrumental in developing a modern payment infrastructure, with the introduction of a number of successful payment products to the Nordic region, including Dankort, Betalingsservice, NemID, BankID, Avtalegiro and BankAxept.

We connect banks, businesses, the public sector, merchants and consumers via an international network facilitating digital payments. Headquartered in Copenhagen, Nets spans across the Nordic region – mainly Denmark, Norway, Finland and Sweden, with a strong presence in Estonia and growing in other Baltic countries.

We offer a wide range of standard and customised end-to-end IT solutions, building on our comprehensive network and a commitment to deliver stable and secure operations at all times. We provide a broad range of services within payment cards, bank account services, and payment solutions for merchants.

Project description

Authorisation & Clearing department at Nets is responsible for backend development of new products for banks. Since there is no room for error in banking authorisation, all the new product requests comes very well defined in terms of features. And since we offshore most of our development, all the projects are also well defined in terms of time and resources required. Naturally this was perfect for development planning using waterfall methodology.

As new and more effective project management methodologies rose, namely Agile, we started to investigate how it could be applied in our department. However, due to constrains of having fixed scope, fixed time and fixed price projects, agile did not translate well into our work processes. We would like you to question agile methodology as the best methodology for our used case and find a way to adapt it. We imagine that you will:

• Analyse our department work processes
• Develop new processes from the perspective of agile methodology
• Present recommendations how could we improve our effectiveness in the future

To quickly kick-start intro into a company you will get access to last years Nets students thesis projects which received top marks. During the course of your thesis, you will get support from the Authorisation & Clearing department.

Student description

Our team is looking for a student or group of students to join us on a transition journey to Agile. We expect you to be ambitious, independent, talented and passionate about the matter. Ideally we see taking a group of two Master students with a background of IT/Business.

It would be to your advantage to know about Agile, LEAN thinking or other process improvement/ project management methodologies. Any relevant work experience in IT product development, IT project management, planning will also be perceived as a bonus.

In case of successful completion of a project you could get a chance to implement your results. You will also get a place in our offices to come and work from. Each application is being screened and interviewed on an on-going basis and case will be closed regardless of a case deadline once the right match is found