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Business model and strategy development for IoT products in Telecom Industry


Company description

Telia Company is a leading Telecom service provider with a total of 23 million mobile customers worldwide and operations in Nordics, Baltics, Central and South Asia. Telia Company is headquartered in Stockholm and its stocks are traded on Stockholm and Helsinki Stock Exchanges.

Telia Denmark is part of Telia Company. We operate in the very competitive Danish market of Telecommunication. Telia Denmark serves BtB as well as BtC markets and employs approximately 1000 people in various disciplines including sales product development marketing finance customer support networks & IT.

Project description

Every business threat could also be seen as a business opportunity if utilized correctly. Telecommunication industry has been under pressure for long with declining prices and a struggle to find lasting differentiation. Some might argue, that if this trend will continue further, telecommunication companies will be nothing more than Internet as a commodity provider.

However, looking into global trends and abundance of Internet usage we see more opportunities than ever before. One huge emerging opportunity lies in Internet of Things (IoT). Suddenly market for Internet subscriptions grows from individuals to every smart device and smart machine.

We see ourselves becoming more like a platform business in the future - enabling and supporting IoT ecosystem. At the moment, however, we treat IoT customers the same way as a regular Internet subscriber. If we do not adjust our offerings to take a bigger portion of a value chain we will be commoditized in this emerging area as well.

By January, when you will start your thesis project, we will have short listed specific verticals, which we see the biggest potential in branching out to. An example of a vertical could be: Transportation sector, Healthcare, Agriculture, etc. By taking single vertical, we would like you to:

• Validate potential and reasoning of selected vertical(s)
• Analyze different used cases of IoT in these vertical(s) and describe full value chain
• Go trough literature and case examples from Telecommunication industry to find different business models.
• Based on Telias' organization & capabilities (skills, competence, assets, etc.), identify parts of a value chain where we could play a role in and recommend a business model that would fit the best.

To quickly kick-start intro into a company and get the primer about the general telecommunication market you will get access to previous thesis projects done at Telia which received top marks. For your work, you will get an office space at Telia Denmark premises as well as full support from Technical services department.

Student description

For this project we seek talented group of Master Thesis students (or a single student) pursuing relevant education in business management, innovation, entrepreneurship or alike. Interest in start-ups, strategy consulting, product development/ customer development or similar experience would be advantageous.

It is important that you would be self-driven and autonomous person with proactive approach. You should not be afraid to challenge us and dare to bring creative approaches in tackling this challenge

Your recommendations will have a big impact on how our IoT offerings at Telia will be developed further.

Each application is being screened and interviewed on an on-going basis and case will be closed regardless of a case deadline once the right match is found