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Introducing Agile in a new department of public tax authority


Company description

The Ministry of Taxation is responsible for the overall tax legislation and benefits through the government's fiscal policy. In the Ministry of Taxation you help to create the foundation for financing Denmark. All citizens, companies and organizations are affected by the tax system every single year, and our work has an impact on the lives of all Danes and on all public funding. We are one of the ministries responsible for most of the parliament's bill, and we are in charge of a complex area that is under great political and media awareness. Under the Ministry of Taxation, three independent authorities belong to which the ministry also supervises: SKAT, Skatteankestyrelsen and Spillemyndigheden.

In 2015 it was decided to stop Tax Collection from the present system EFI at Skat, that has been delayed for several years and due to problems since introduction in 2013. In 2015 a program for a new tax collection system was formed, transforming tax collection by simplifying processes, legislation and introducing a new IT system using a different approach to IT development.

The focus on the new IT system supporting tax are:

- Dialog based tendering process
- Revision of legislation
- Simplification of business processes
- Agile approach to IT development

Project description

As a part of a new structure at SKAT we will have a new agency responsible for all development and simplification projects in SKAT (UFO). It is a huge organizational transformation project involving over 1500 people. Agile will be strategic direction of our new department/organization and we anticipate that it is a huge challenge to implement Agile to public tax authority like us. Therefore we would like you to help us:

• Analyze and evaluate our new department’s processes from agile perspective
• Bringing a organization together with different maturity agile skills
• Anticipate the barriers for adapting agile methodology by our employees
• Based on change management perspective provide recommendations how can agile be adapted in other departments

Student description

For this project we seek for talented group of Master Thesis students (or a single student) pursuing education in relevant educational subjects

It is important that you would be self-driven and autonomous person with proactive approach.

Each application is being screened and interviewed on an on-going basis and case will be closed regardless of a case deadline once the right match is found