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Strategic performance management for a public entity


Company description

SKAT, the Danish Customs and Tax Administration, is Denmark's tax authority. We are an independent national agency responsible for administering and enforcing all tasks relating to taxes, debt obligations, vehicles and customs. We have more than 6,000 employees in locations throughout the country.

SKAT Customs is a government agency that falls under SKAT. Our main responsibility is to:
• Secure businesses a swift, flexible and efficient handling of their customs operations
• Secure the enforcement EU’s own resources
• Protect the citizens of Denmark and EU against products which are not safe and secure; counterfeit products, narcotics, doping, weapons
• Fight against terror together with other national agencies
• In cooperation with neighboring countries to perform an efficient customs control based on a mobile, flexible and analytical approach using information, data and intelligence
Customs control include the prevention of illegal movement of goods and people through air, land or sea. Our officers can be seen on patrols all over Denmark at Airports, Sea Ports, land Boarders and other places with a high level of travelling traffic. Our team consists of approx. 200 highly engaged people.

Project description

At SKAT Customs we (among other things) are responsible for tracking and preventing illegal activities related to crossing the Danish borders, such as the import of illegal drugs, weapons, money, human trafficking, etc. As a government entity we are required to report on our performance on a regular basis. However our performance fluctuate significantly over any given period time, as there can be many smaller seizures and lower number of large seizures and vice versa.

As number and amount of seizures fluctuates a lot, seizures can not be used alone to measure the effect and performance of the resources used for customs control. Two problems can be determined: we are challenged when it comes to measuring and benchmark our performance as an organization and individual employees can not compare their own performances. We need tools to define ways of measuring what effect our performance on customs control has on the prevention of crimes overall. Therefore we would like you to help us define how to track and measure organizational and individual performance at SKAT Customs?

As a basis for research it will be possible to ask Customs Administrations around the world, outlining their figures in terms of the amounts of discovered and confiscated drugs, frequency, size of organization etc. We would like you to:
• Make a cross-national benchmark study to identify key performance indicators (KPI’s) keeping in mind geopolitical differences.
• Using balanced scorecards (BSC) or other performance management methodologies, develop a way to track organizational and individual performance.
• Provide recommendations on how effect of performance and visibility could be tracked and new methodology could be implemented at SKAT customs.

Student description

If you want to work on a thesis project that will directly affect the well-being of Danish citizens all across the country and lower the crime rates – you are a good fit for this project.

We are seeking a group of talented Master Thesis students (or a single student) pursuing education in a relevant study line – International business and politics, business administration and social studies, European studies, Public management or similar.

It is important for you to have an understanding of business management in order to develop performance management tools but at the same time also possess the hard skills required to manipulate data and get meaningful insights out of it.

The applications are being screened on an ongoing basis with latest date to apply on 30th November. For any questions or more information please contact info@matchmythesis.com

Strategic performance management for a public entity | Match My Thesis
Dec 15, 2016


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