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Protect Danish borders - Marketing / Branding strategy for SKAT Customs


Company description

SKAT, the Danish Customs and Tax Administration, is Denmark's tax authority. We are an independent national agency responsible for administering and enforcing all tasks relating to taxes, debt obligations, vehicles and customs. We have more than 6,000 employees in locations throughout the country.

SKAT Customs is a government agency that falls under SKAT. Our main responsibility is to:
• Secure businesses a swift, flexible and efficient handling of their customs operations
• Secure the enforcement EU’s own resources
• Protect the citizens of Denmark and EU against products which are not safe and secure; counterfeit products, narcotics, doping, weapons
• Fight against terror together with other national agencies
• In cooperation with neighboring countries to perform an efficient customs control based on a mobile, flexible and analytical approach using information, data and intelligence
Customs control include the prevention of illegal movement of goods and people through air, land or sea. Our officers can be seen on patrols all over Denmark at Airports, Sea Ports, land Boarders and other places with a high level of travelling traffic. Our team consists of approx. 200 highly engaged people.

Project description

The challenge we face is that it is impossible to guard any boarder 24/7. As in many other Customs Administrations throughout Europe the manpower is a scarce resource. The demand for illegal products are very strong and potential smugglers can be divided into two different groups:
1. Those who can be influenced not to commit the crime and
2. Those in a very troubled personal situation who are ready to commit the crime no matter the consequences

We want to improve our methods in preventing illegal import to Denmark by enhancing our visibility directed against the two groups. Visibility should be understood in different ways; from actually seeing a customs officer at the boarder to branding, communication and marketing used in the broadest possible way.

We, thus, would like you to use the latest knowledge in using different visibility tools including branding, marketing and communications to develop a strategy to position SKAT Customs as a highly effective organization towards the public.

As a basis for research, we have extensive historical data with demographics & psychographics of criminals’ profiles from recent years. In a traditional marketing sense, this database could be seen as our ‘target customers’ log. Therefore we would like you to use this data to:
• Establish a benchmark - investigate the effect of the visibility created by customs officers working at the boarder
• Analyse the patterns and identify key segments for different types of communication
• Select the channels to reach out to the target audience effectively and create a potential message to communicate.
• Suggest a long-term branding and marketing strategy for Skat Customs

Student description

If you want to work on a thesis project that will directly affect the well-being of Danish citizens all across the country and lower the crime rates – you are a good fit for this project.
We are seeking a group of talented Master Thesis students (or a single student) pursuing an education in a relevant study line – Branding, Marketing, Communication, Digital media or similar.

It is important that you have the soft skills to understand human nature, but at the same time also have hard skills to manipulate data and get meaningful insights out of it.

The applications are being screened on an ongoing basis, the latest date to apply is on 30th November. For any questions or more information please contact info@matchmythesis.com

Protect Danish borders - Marketing / Branding strategy for SKAT Customs | Match My Thesis
Dec 15, 2016