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Companies that collaborate on Master thesis projects | Match My Thesis

Master Thesis projects done at Match My Thesis  Projects: 206

Students searching for Master thesis project  Students: 7930

Number of countries where Match My Thesis operate  Countries: 4

Our Services

  • Case Formulation
  • Together with domain manager our cosultants identify key challenges. Our case writters then draft a case and ensures that project has the right scope, objectives and clear deliverables.

  • Recruitment
  • Once the case is published online, recruitment team takes over to find top candidates. After screening and interview session we send back selected 3-5 candidates and organise interviews in the company offices.

  • Quality Assurance
  • Every single month our account managers, get in touch with students and relevant managers in the company to track the progress of a project. We organise monthly progress update meetings in the company until final results are delivered.


Our Students

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Company projects done as:

  • Masters' Thesis
  • Internships
  • Course Project