Developing new calls handling system in teleservice industry

TopCall ApS

Company description

Since TopCall was founded in 2010, teleservice (any service handled via voicemail, phone) has been the company's mainstay. We started by offering uncomplicated telephone matching (calendar access and booking, taking calls you cannot answer or external reception) to a small customer group, and as we grew, we got more customers who wanted to make more use of our telephone service. Today, we also solve a number of customer service tasks, such as answering questions about products, accepting orders and processing complaints. At the same time, our telephone matching has in many cases become more complex. That is, either by asking us to determine information when we receive a notification, or by changing, looking up or booking times in our customers' calendars.

Even though we currently cater for live chat for a number of customers, our teleservice still accounts for the vast majority of our business.

Project description

Currently, we are facing rapid growth in demand for our services, thus we have to handle operations more efficiently. We started building our new call handling system for incoming calls - calls are forwarded to the right agent/department and answered by choosing the right option. To finalize the development and setup of a system, we have to define the call flow decision tree and test it within a new system. Therefore, we would like to analyze our current call data (what type of inquiries does one of our customers get, what information do we have on the customer, what information have we agreed to provide to the customer), understand the flow of conversation and prepare flowcharts (decision trees/map) based on call documentation.

The analysis should be proceeded as follows:
  • Understand the current features of the call handling system and how incoming calls are handled;
  • Analyze the call data and understand the call flow of incoming requests;
  • Based on the analysis above, list features needed for the new call handling system;
  • Prepare the call flow decision tree;
  • Select the most fitted decision tree and test it within a new system. Also, the required features should be listed based on the new call slow scheme.
To proceed with this project successfully we will provide access to calls’ data we have thus far. Therefore, we will request the non-disclosure agreement (NDA) to be signed. Our expected outcome of the project is a design of a call flow (decision tree). Also, a new scheme should be tested within a new incoming calls system.

Student description

For this project, we are looking for a talented group of Master Thesis students pursuing relevant education in business management, operations, entrepreneurship, Service management or alike. Sharp eye and analytical mindset are necessary while working with this case. Experience and interest in process mapping, flowcharts or data analysis would be a strong advantage.

A candidate should be self-driven and autonomous person with a proactive approach.

Each application is being reviewed on an on-going basis and the case will be closed once the right match is found, regardless of application deadline. Therefore we encourage interested students to apply ASAP via online form below or contact Jurgita at if you have questions.

Sep 30, 2019


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