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Mariia Radkevich
Copenhagen Business School (CBS), Denmark
Degree & Study program
Masters in Applied Economics and Finance
GPA: 0.0
Economic finance & accounting
Corporate finance; FDI; International business development; Market research; Project economy; Project financing; Project management; Investment management; Return on investment; Russian market; All international markets; Entrepreneurship; Innovations; Data analytics; Alternative energy; Sustainability; Oil and gas; IT companies; FMCG; Automotive; Avia; Banking;
I have two main requirements to my master thesis:\r\n1. It should be applicable. If it is a company case-based problem or some empirical research it has to bring some value to those who will use it for futher improvement of current business processes. I have a problem formulating precise name of the topic but the idea is that company can use this project as a guidance for futher development. \r\nIf it is an empirical research it should be an eye-open research which will be also beneficial for all companies doing business in a certain area. (new business model; econometric research of the factors which affect Roi and other financial/non-financial performance indicators).\r\n2. The topic should be 50-50 qualitative-quantitative with focus on industrial economics fiannce strategy. But it is not limited just to the mentioned subjects. All others can be a part of it as well.

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