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Claudia Serpetti
Copenhagen Business School (CBS), Denmark
Degree & Study program
Masters in International Marketing and Management
GPA: 7.0
Strategy development & Globalization
Business management
Marketing & communication
Market research marketing/management problem product/service geographic area
I identified with my supervisor a potential structure for my final thesis which consists in identifying a problem of strategic/ managerial/ marketing nature for the firm and in developing specific strategic recommendations concerning what decision to make regarding the problem under study. The recommended decision should be based on an analysis of empirical data with regard to relevant theories models and concepts for solving the problem and a critical stance towards the validity and reliability recommendations with regard to methods used. To the extent that the research would be beneficial both to my personal work and to the company the latter is more than welcome to propose possible research topics or problems that It would like to analyze in depth.\r\nPotential areas of research could concern how to position a product/service or whether a market exists for a (new) specific product/service customer segment or in a particular geographic area.\r\n\r\n

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