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Ragnhild Besser Mortensen
Copenhagen Business School (CBS), Denmark
Degree & Study program
Masters in Cand.Ling.Merc in American studies
GPA: 0.0
Marketing & communication
Market research online branding online marketing branding consumer behaviour CSR
I wish to take point of departure in the startup company where Im currently an intern. I wish to find a company with usable data relevant to this. Preferably this would be a company that offers an online service or product a company that has managed to brand themselves through online media in a successful manner and a company that is willing to let us learn about their strategies challenges and road to success. Im writing my thesis with another girl whos interested in CSR and it would be nice to come in contact with a company that have integrated CSR as an active part of their strategy or whos planning to do it. The output would be a thesis that would offer ideas to a marketing and/or branding strategy that actively integrates CSR. We will polish and focus our ideas further during the following month.

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