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Louisa Blindbæk
Copenhagen Business School (CBS), Denmark
Degree & Study program
Masters in Service Management
GPA: 0.0
Strategy development & Globalization
Business management
Organization development & HR
motivation/empowerment leadership cultural diversity
Research question\r\n- How to efficiently manage cultural diversity amongst employees in working groups within service companies in order to increase productivity?\r\n\r\nHypotheses 1:\r\n- Employees are more efficient and productive when being satisfied with their working conditions.\r\n\r\nHypotheses 2:\r\n- The attitude of the manager affect the behavior of the employees and motivation and value creation is achieved different in different cultures.\r\nHypotheses 3:\r\n- We can learn from each other’s cultural differences and culturally diverse working groups have the potential to be more productive since their greater diversity allows them to function more creatively than a non-culturally diverse working group.\r\n

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