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Ileana Vaxevani
Copenhagen Business School (CBS), Denmark
Degree & Study program
Masters in MSc in Supply Chain Management
GPA: 0.0
Operations & supply chain management
Supply Chain Management in Renewable Energy Performance Mesurement -KPIs- in Renewable Energy Wind Turbins Solar Panels Wind Power in Shipping
Study existing KPIs and used in Wind or Solar Energy (or the Potential Use of Wind Energy in Shipping)\r\nStudy the existing KPI framework developped by the EU project\r\nStudy and Evaluate the relevant KPI based incentive regualation in the Danish Energy Markets\r\nResearch if KPIs can be used for a Smart Grid System\r\nFind KPIs that can be used by the company to monitor Smart Grid Projects\r\nMonetize these KPIs and calculate their costs

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